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Plastics and Mold Flow
  • Accura ClearVue - plastic simulates properties, appearance of ABS, Polycarbonate, by 3D Systems
  • AFT Fathom - fluid dynamic simulation software for calculating pressure drop, flow distribution in liquid
  • Digital ABS - simulate production plastics for rapid tooling, prototyping, available on Objet1000 Plus, Connex3, by Stratasys
  • FLOW - software determines plastic flow behaviors from macro view to micro view, by Moldex3D
  • MISUMI - supplier of configurable, components for factory automation, press die, plastic mold industries 
  • Moldex3D - CAE system for plastics engineers
  • Moldflow - supplier of software for CAE of plastic injection molding, including Plastics Advisers, Plastics Xpert, EZ-Track, Shotscope, Plastics Insight, C-MOLD Project Engineer, C-MOLD KnowHow!
  • Project Scandium - injection molding prediction power, includes transient mold temperatures, long fiber breakage, crystallization modeling, by Autodesk Labs
  • Simpoe-Mold - software suite for plastic injection molding, helps in predicting manufacturing defects during earliest stages of part, mold design, by Dassault Systemes
  • SOLIDWORKS Plastics - brings injection molding simulation directly to plastic parts, injection molds designers
  • VISI Flow - injection simulation software for mold making process, from Vero Software