MagiCAD v2014.4 Released for Revit, AutoCAD

MagiCAD_logoTURKU, Finland, May 19, 2014 – Progman Oy, one of Europe’s leading HVAC and electrical design software providers, has released a new version of the MEP design software MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD. The new release MagiCAD 2014.4 extends and optimizes MagiCAD’s design functions, and improves day-to-day flexibility of design and editing through numerous clever new features. Introducing advanced new device types, as well as extended support for IFC import and export, MagiCAD represents the cutting edge of MEP Building Information Modelling and design. MagiCAD 2014.4 supports AutoCAD 2015 and Revit 2015, as well as the earlier versions AutoCAD 2010-2014 and Revit 2014.

(picture from Progman Oy website)

(picture from Progman Oy website)

Some of MagiCAD for Revit’s other highlights include extended standards support for sprinkler calculations (National Fire Protection Association standard NFPA 13), automatic division of ducts, pipes and cable trays into commercially available standard lengths, export and import of technical data in spreadsheet format, option to edit selected system sections in a separate 3D Section view, automated generation of legend tables for drawings, improved Provisions for Voids/Builders work features, support for flanges and other connectors, and improved wire drawing features.

(picture from Progman Oy website)

(picture from Progman Oy website)

The new MagiCAD for AutoCAD offers support for AutoCAD 2015 and introduces many intelligent new features. These include extended standards support for sprinkler calculations (NFPA 13), improved Provisions for Voids/Builders work features, flexible dimension text formats with rounding and formulas, editing of object variables using AutoCAD properties palette, improved tool for creating demanding duct connections automatically, IFC export of room spaces without structural and architectural elements, inserting reports and building automation control schemes into system drawings, as well as improved support for eccentric reducers and cleaning hatches in ventilation design.

To view a complete list of new features and to learn more about the new release, see

About Progman Oy

Progman Oy is one of Europe’s leading software houses specializing in products and services for the design of heating, piping, ventilation, sprinkler and electrical systems. Progman’s business is focused on two main areas: software solutions, such as MagiCAD for designers of HVAC and electrical installations, and custom-made software applications for product manufacturers and the building industry. Progman Oy was founded in 1983, and over the years, the company has gained an outstanding knowledge and reference base in its field. Today, more than 15,000 licenses of MagiCAD are in use worldwide. MagiCAD works with both AutoCAD and Revit technologies. MagiCAD is consists of several independent applications, covering HVAC, electrical systems, sprinkler systems, building geometry and climate control:

  • MagiCAD Ventilation
  • MagiCAD Heating & Piping
  • MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer
  • MagiCAD Electrical
  • MagiCAD Circuit Designer
  • MagiCAD System Designer
  • MagiCAD Comfort & Energy
  • MagiCAD Room

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