TFTLabs Offers Free 3D Viewer TFTPad on Apple Store

TFTLABlogoBRON, France, Apr 11, 2014 – TFTLabs S.A.S, announces the availability of free TFTPad 3D models viewer on Apple Store (already available on Google Play).

TFTPad is a 100% native iOS application, available through is a free 3D viewer that visualizes 3D models from TFTLabs JSON3D Gallery,

Within TFTPad, interact with 3D models using the intuitive touch interface: pinch to zoom, single finger drag to rotate, two finger drag to pan and double tap on the screen to fit all the model.

TFTPad is fully compatible with TFTWeb: Web3D application designed to communicate and collaborate on 3D data on various operating systems and browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari). With TFTPad, you can share the same 3D data from your Mobile or Tablet (Android or iOS).

“Beyond beautiful 3d rendering on Apple high-quality devices, TFTPad users and all OEM software editors will benefit the same functions, APIs and stunning performance than on other mobile platforms.” says Francois Chretien, CEO and chief scientist.

“After availability on Android and Microsoft Surface, we are very pleased to extend ubiquity of JSON3D format to iPhone and iPad devices. First end users’ feed-back from creative, manufacturing and AEC/plant businesses show real attraction for this free App,” adds Jean-Luc Brocard, COO and quality and customers support manager.

TFTPad and JSON3D Gallery are part of TFTLabs line of products and technologies, focused on 3D communication and interoperability on the Web and mobile.
(for Google Play, go to

With TFTWeb, the instant messaging system for 3D, just sign-in with your web browser and start sharing the native CAD files from your desktop as simple URLs. Create pages together with annotations, dimensions, detailed or exploded views, textual information.

With TFT4iT, software editors can easily integrate our 100 % web-based 3D toolkit and access directly to all major 3D CAD file formats. Software editors can now take benefit of the JSON3D format real openness and perenity.

The whole technology behind the products is owned by TFTLabs, whose key people have a unique experience in 3D interoperability since 20 years.


TFTLabs SAS is a company dedicated to 3D Open solutions for Web Computing in the Manufacturing Market founded by CAD and Interoperability Veterans.

For more information, visit their website or contact

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