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Services CAM

  • EZ-CAM - CAD/CAM services, 2 axis milling, turning to full 3, 4 axis milling, mill/turn, 5 axis wire EDM, arc G-code optimization 
  • KKM Soft - offers CAD/CAM/CAE tools, includes digital prototyping, design automation, content services
  • ModuleWorks - provider of CAD/CAM software components, 3/5 axis machining, CNC simulation technology used by CAM systems, manufacturing companies 
  • Paragon Engineering - provider of millwork, CAM services that includes manufacturing data, generation of reports, panel optimization
  • Tebis - CAD/CAM services, provides software modules compatible with any configuration 
  • Vero Software - distributes CAD/CAM/CAE software for design, manufacturing process, mould/die
  • ZWSOFT - CAD/CAM service provider for AEC/MCAD industries