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Inventor Add-Ons, 3rd Party Tools

  • Agni Link - CAD-ERP data integration system, by Elmo Solutions

  • AutoDXF - add-in for Inventor is accessible from assembly environment, used for batch creation, export of sheet metal flat patterns from entire assembly, from BASIC

  • Camnetics - makers of GearTrax, for solid models of gears, CamTrax for cams, works with SolidWorks, Solid Edge, Inventor
  • CFD-CADalyzer - fluid flow mesh generation, analysis operates directly on native Inventor geometry, by ESI Group
  • Collada Exporter - plug-in allows Inventor users to export 3D models in *.dae file format, by SimLab
  • COPRA MetalBender TDi - sheet metal application for Inventor, with lofting, transitions, sheet metal part library, flat pattern calculation, by data M Software GmbH
  • COPRA MetalBender Analyser¬∑i - flat pattern calculation of sharp-edged 3D solids, sheet metal parts imported into Inventor, by data M Software
  • Design - add-on to BendSim or Unfold packages, used for designing basic 3D sheet metal models, pipe sections, by FCC Software AB
  • Design Manager - drawing, document management system for AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, AutoCAD LT by Curve Design Solutions
  • DezignWorks - reverse engineering software compatible with Microscribe, Faro, Romer measuring arms or use with SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor
  • DesignDataManager - data management for SolidWorks, Pro/E, Inventor, IronCAD, by CSI
  • DesignSpace - automated, knowledge-based, fundamental engineering analysis for design engineers, by ANSYS
  • Dynamic Designer - motion analysis, assembly modeling, by MSC Software
  • eAssistant - plug-in used for transferring eAssistant calculation data to Autodesk Inventor, by GWj Technology
  • Eco Materials Adviser - Autodesk Inventor software for product environmental impact estimation, design decisions, by Granta
  • eDrawings - generate representations of 2D, 3D product designs for viewing, mark up, sharing, by Geometric 
  • Feature Migrator - plug-in allows sending assembly features down into part environment
  • FX64 Plot - concurrent plotting of multiple documents from Inventor, supports, converts PDF, DWF, DWG, by FX64
  • GearTrax - creates solid models of spur, helical, involute splines gears with true involute tooth profiles, by Camnetics
  • GrafiCalc - pre-modeling analysis, optimization software allows evaluation of design alternatives, back solves geometry, by GEOMATE
  • hyperMILL - geometry-oriented CAM software with 2.5D, 3D, HSC and 5axis machining integrated in Inventor, by Open Mind 
  • Inventor Integration - tool acts as middle layer between Inventor, SimLab composer app Free
  • MITCalc - calculations, parametric modeling, interface to Excel, for Inventor, as well as Solid Edge, SolidWorks, Pro/E
  • PARTshare - storage technology to maintain 3D models, flat parts, by Striker Systems

  • Plot Service for PTC Windchill - reduce time, cost of plotting CAD interoperability, viewable file generation, by ETRAGE 

  • Quadrispace - publishing software uses CAD files to create interactive 3D documents
  • Kwik Mcad - add-ins for Inventor
  • SPI - Sheetmetal Inventor - design, unfolding of complex sheet metal parts with Autodesk Inventor
  • ToleranceCalc - add-on tool to calculate acceptable tolerances by running quick simulations on single part or combination of several parts in assembly, by GEOMATE
  • VisualXPORT for Inventor - plugin that lets users export their parts in VisualMILL formatted files (.vcp), by MecSoft
  • VRML Translator for Inventor - VRMLout translator allows to publish Inventor parts, assemblies to VRML2 3D format, AAC Solutions